About Worry-Free Receivables

Karen Traeger founded Worry-Free Receivables in 2003, following nearly 20 years of successful account receivable management. Karen developed an effective account management approach called Worry-Free ReceivablesSM, which removes the obstacles that cause slow payment. Worry-Free Receivables prevents receivables from aging, and improves your bottom line by 15%. The method provides immediate results for any size organization, while remaining transparent and protecting the business relationship.

Through the years, Worry-Free Receivables has applied its proprietary method to successfully collect from the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), the FDIC and 1-3 year old invoices. The firm has participated on many finance committees and established policies and procedures regarding engagement letters, billing and receivables.

Worry-Free Receivables has the experience and the process to increase your cash flow and cultivate long-term client relationships.

Karen Traeger
Karen Traeger

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