Client Comments

In 2003, my company was in need of professional accounts receivable management. I asked Ms. Traeger to take over a significant portion of our accounts receivable collection effort, which included nearly 2000 accounts. During this time she dramatically reduced our DSO, collected significant amounts of severely past due invoices, and developed strong relationships with many of our customers. The accounts that Ms. Traeger managed went from 25% to over 85% current. Her efforts led to improved cash flow and customer satisfaction.
-- Bob Frye, Vice President, TUG Technologies Corporation

Being responsible for collections requires tact and diplomacy, which Karen Traeger has demonstrated. I enthusiastically recommend her services.
-- George W. (Buddy) Darden, McKenna, Long & Aldridge, LLP

Ms. Traeger would be an asset to any law firm which wishes to increase the speed and percentage of its collection of accounts receivable.
-- William F. Stevens, McKenna, Long & Aldridge, LLP

Karen Traeger's performance was routinely recognized as a major contributor to the financial success of my former firm. As Chairman of the Finance Committee, I can personally attest to her effectiveness. When I started my own practice, naturally I turned to Traeger Client Services.
-- Clyde Click, Click & Null, P.C.